Heavy Duty Centre Swath Rake

The Kverneland 95110 C is a twin rotor rake with 9.20-11.00m working width for the high performance segment, normally covered by more expensive four rotor rakes. 95110 C offers easy operation, excellent manoeuvrability and a heavy duty design. Despite the 11.00m working width, the rake is still very compact, something very convenient when working in smaller fields.

The Advantages:

  • ProLine oilbath gearbox.
  • TerraLink Quattro for perfect ground followings
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working width width between 9.20 and 11.00m.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of the rotors.
  • Active wheel steering, allowing sharp turns on headlands and during transport.
  • Electronic control of main functions.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width No. of Tine Arms Weight
95110 C 9.20 - 11.00m 2x15 2865kg


95130C Pro

Heavy duty solution for efficient farmers

The Kverneland 95130C is already equipped with standard features like separate front and rear rotor lift, very simple electronic control, high performance oil bath gear box, hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width on front and rear rotors, the 95130C PRO is additionally equipped with new solutions for becoming even more efficient.

ISOBUS solution for professional users

Beside the identical technical details to the 95130C, the PRO version comes up with advanced operation possibilities thanks to ISOBUS control. All Machine functions - operated now on load sensing system - are then easily controlled from each ISOBUS ready Terminal as for example IsoMatch Tellus or IsoMatch Tellus Go. With that, users get advanced opportunities to adjust and operate the rake according their Needs.

New functions:

  • All 4 rotors can be lifted individually
  • Folding and unfolding with just pressing one button
  • Working width can be controlled from the terminal
  • Possibility to save the swath width
  • Different headland delay functions


Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Tine Arms Weight
95130 C PRO 10.00-12.50m 4x12 4700kg



15 m Working Width

Kverneland 97150 C, with 15.00m working width, is a machine designed for high output. It is a heavy duty rake with very substantial capacity and adjustable working and swath width, that can be easily changed during work. Four rotors with up to 15 tine arms ensure a perfect raking performance. 15.00m working width increases the entire processing of grass, and leaves a huge, even swath for the following machines.

The Advantages:

  • Maintenance-free ProLine oilbath gearbox.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working width width between 9.80 and 15.00m.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of rotor height.
  • Active steering wheel axles for excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Clever folding mechanism, allowing the rake to go below 4.00m without removing tine arms.
  • ISOBUS Control.
  • Optional with GEORAKE Application

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width No. of Tine Arms Weight
97150 C 9.8 - 15.0m 2x13/2x15 5700kg